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About Canless Air


About Canless Air

Since 2011 Canless Air System has provided the #1 canned air replacement. Our line of Hurricane dusters are a simple, innovative idea that has become an affordable revolution against traditional canned air. Our products are an inexpensive, permanent and environmentally friendly alternative to canned air dusters. Plus all of our units provide more continuous power than our canned competitors. With just one nontoxic Canless Air System and you will never need to buy another can of air again. Purchase Canless Air System at our products page located at


What others say:

Fox Business

“I was immediately sold. Earlier this year, my wife’s computer tech came to our home and chewed me out for the case of canned air I bought from Costco. The tech got my wife to scream at me, too.”

“I loaned the Hurricane to Mike Butler, an engineer I work with at Fox News, because Butler is always blowing off cameras and electronic equipment. “I put it through the paces,” he said, going so far as to blow out his car interior. “I found it to be awesome…Then I found out it is very useful for my grandson to blow up balloons…I give it two thumbs up.”

The Wall Street Journal

“It is a chemical-free and more cost-effective alternative to cans of compressed air”