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Bedford To ‘Go Red’ To Highlight Alcohol, Drug, Nicotine Dangers

BEDFORD, NH — For the third straight year later this month Bedford is going red. This year — perhaps as much as any other in the BeBOLD’s “Bedford Goes Red” campaign to promote the dangers of drug, alcohol and nicotine use — there is an urgency to the message when it comes to growing concerns about the detrimental health effects of vaping across the country.

BeBOLD board member Tracey Bell said the non-profit drug awareness community group has already held a speaker series at the town library on the dangers of vaping. She is hoping the red lights and ribbons that will illuminate and decorate the town Oct. 23 to Oct. 31 will bring home the message on vaping, along with the coverage of its destructive health effects in the media, especially among young people.

“I feel like in Bedford — like any other community — we want kids not to vape if they have not started, and if they have started encourage them to stop,” Bell told Patch on Wednesday. “There are some kids who are addicted if they started two or three years ago when maybe they didn’t know it was that bad for you. But we now know that vaping takes its toll on your body.”

U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen recently held a roundtable discussion with student leaders from Nashua North and Nashua South about the culture of vaping in the schools at which both students and administrators admitted it has only been within the past year that a clearer understanding of the long-term health effects of vaping have been realized.

“As we can see now it is dangerous and everyone now knows it’s dangerous,” Bell said. “Now everyone hears on the news more information about vaping. Maybe when they started they thought it was aroma therapy, or just nicotine, but now we know there are a lot of different things in there that can be harmful to the developing brains of kids. Massachusetts has banned it. For them to do that there has to be harm there.”

The goal of BeBOLD is to raise awareness of drug, alcohol and nicotine issues through encouraging residents, business and town buildings to display red lights or ribbons. Ace Hardware on Route 101 has purchased a limited amount of red lights that it is donating free to residents while supplies last, while red ribbons can be picked up while supplies last at Primary Bank on Route 101 and Cohen Closing and Title on Meetinghouse Road.

Bell said the “Bedford Goes Red” week is modeled after her hometown in Maryland where a purple-themed campaign takes place each other.

“Since Bedford High’s colors are black and red we thought red would be great for the town,” she said. “We thought it was clear that our town needed more prevention and awareness programs about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and nicotine.”

This year’s “Bedford Goes Red” week will include special activities and giveaways at Bedford High’s home football game on Oct. 25. There will also be a speaker night at Bedford High on Oct. 28 featuring retired Major League Baseball pitcher and Cy Young Award winner Chris Carpenter, and Bo Chancey, Senior Pastor of Manchester Christian Church.

Organizers ask that those who display a red light or red ribbon take a photo of you “going RED and being BOLD” and send it to to be posted on social media.

For more information on BeBOLD or National Red Ribbon Week, visit For more information regarding National Red Ribbon Week, visit

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