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Can you take Vapes on a Plane? – How to Fly with Vape Gear – Vape School

With the increasing prevalence of vaping, more and more people want to know if it’s within TSA regulations to take vaping devices onto planes. In this video, we’re going to discuss how to transport vape gear while flying in the US.

Regarding vape devices, you are not allowed to check them in your luggage but you are allowed to take them in your carry-on bag. This is also true for any batteries. It’s recommended that you put all of your spare batteries into plastic cases to prevent them from coming into contact with metal.

Using a vape device on a plane is strictly prohibited. To prevent your device from firing at any point, it’s recommended that you remove the batteries from it. If your vape doesn’t have removable batteries, you can remove the atomizer.

Regarding e-liquid, you are allowed to check it in your bag or carry it on. But if you carry it on, it must be in bottles no larger than 100ml and those bottles must all be in a quart-sized ziplock bag.

Also, it’s recommended that you empty all of the e-liquid in your vape tank or make sure that your tank is well sealed as the pressure changes at high altitudes can cause the tank to leak.

These rules specifically pertain to regulations in the United States. If you’re flying in other locations, please check the applicable country’s regulations.

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