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CDC warning on vaping brings the dangers of huffing to the mainstream

The dangers of vaping have been dominating the news lately but abusing inhalants is not a new problem. Last Friday the CDC issued a long overdue warning on the dangers of vaping after 5 deaths were confirmed in California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Oregon. On Monday the FDA came out and accused JUUL of illegally promoting their products as less harmful than cigarettes. The FDA also is investigating the marketing practices of JUUL and other vaping companies since their products seem especially desirable for kids. While this has been shocking to many, especially parents, it is not at all surprising to me.


In 2011 I was approached to be a spokesman for a product Canless Air System which manufactures a safe alternative to traditional “canned air” and computer duster products which kids “huff” in order to get a fast-acting and very potent high. When I started doing research on the industry I found out how the traditional products are abused by tens of thousands of kids each year. The amount of deaths I found were caused by these products was countless. After reading all of the horror stories I knew that I had to do something and being a spokesman wasn’t enough. I knew I had to do more so I ended up buying the company.


Since then I, and my company, have done everything we can to share the dangers of huffing with the public. I have even spoken to and worked with parents who have lost children to “huffing”. I know how much needless pain they have gone through and it concerns me to no end that more parents while have to go through that same pain because of the new “vaping” fad. It angers me because I know that stores will still sell this poison, just like they sell the deadly “canned air” because money is more important to them than the lives of our kids.


The chemicals in these products are poison, just like the chemicals in the products I have spent years trying to get taken off of the shelves. The manufacturers know it but they just don’t care. If you go to the website of JUUL, a top e-cig manufacturer, their mission statement states they want to “improve the lives of the world’s one billion smokers”. They conveniently don’t mention how dangerous their products are and they certainly don’t address the fact their products are being used by kids across the United States. My mission statement is “let’s get this crap off of the shelves” and I wish it was one more retailers and politicians agreed with.


Last Tuesday Wal-Mart announced it would pressure Congress to enact gun safety measures along with stopping sales of handgun and “short-barrel rifle ammunition“ in all stores. This move comes as a response to a shooting that took place in an El Paso Walmart one month ago. The company seems to be ignoring the numerous deaths from computer duster that have taken place in their stores and on their properties. They also still sell tobacco and e-cigarettes knowing those kill hundreds of thousands. Until citizens concerned about inhalants and e-cigs make our voices heard as loudly as those wanting to ban the sales of handguns nothing will be done.


The only way these companies will stop selling this garbage is if we can hurt their image or hurt their pocketbooks. I encourage everyone to boycott any store selling inhalants and e-cigarettes and let them know why you will not be shopping there. Use social media to spread the word about these harmful products and try to get your friends and family on board. Let’s all work together to help stop the vaping crisis before it gets to the level we have seen with inhalants. Our kids deserve it. – John W. Scherer CEO Canless Air System



Huffing: Canned Air Deaths at Wal-Mart

We all know canned air and computer dusters can kill but Wal-Mart still has not kept those products locked up and huffing deaths are happening. The article Inhalants — The Easy to Acquire but Deadly Drug That Nobody Talks About has detailed the following deaths:


“Computer duster is sometimes called “canned air,” but it’s actually the toxic chemical 1,1-difluoroethane. As Allen pulled the trigger, sending a spray of 1,1-difluoroethane into his mouth, he probably felt a surge of euphoria — like going from sober to wasted in just one sip. Neurotransmitters in his brain released a flood of chemicals that confused his heart: It likely started beating faster, becoming inflamed, developing an arrythmia. Two weeks after Allen died


Steven Allen’s case is far from the first time someone has inhaled, or “huffed,” computer duster at a Walmart. Thanks to its many 24-hour locations and nationally recognized security problems, it’s easy for huffers to go overlooked at Walmart. They often don’t even bother to leave the store’s property before they get started. Plus a three-pack of Dust-Off costs less than $12.”


huffing computer duster

This is what happens when canned air is inhaled


“In September 2014 Roger Taft Collins was found dead in his car in a North Carolina Walmart parking lot, a few hours after buying computer duster from the store, according to media reports at the time.”


“Last October Jett Fischer was caught huffing duster in a Walmart bathroom in Washington state. He was taken to the hospital and died a few hours later.”


“In mid-July Sean Sobczak was found huffing in an Illinois Walmart parking lot, with 12 cans of duster in his car. He was also taken to a hospital, where he died the next day.”


“And on April 13, 2016, 24-year-old Karalee Williams was found dead of a 1,1-difluoroethane overdose in the parking lot of a Baytown Walmart store. Williams had parked her car in the Walmart parking lot on April 10, and — over the next two days — entered the Walmart nine times, ultimately buying 67 cans of computer duster, says Tracie Fisher, who says the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office officials who worked on Williams’s case told her this”
If you search “canned air Wal-Mart” or “computer duster Wal-Mart” you will get an idea of how huge the problem really is. Please do and please let your local Wal-Mart know there are better solutions like Canless Air.

Over Half of All Fortune 500 Companies Are Now Using Our Canless Air System

Canless Air is a safe and sustainable alternative to hazardous canned air.

It’s safe and inexpensive.

More and more businesses are focused on reducing their carbon footprint. As a result, Canless Air System’s line of handheld, cordless, electronic dusters are now being used by over half of all Fortune 500 companies in place of canned “air.” According to Canless Air System CEO and Founder John Scherer, canned air doesn’t only contain air, it’s actually  a mix of dangerous liquids and gases. That’s why their decision to use Canless Air is a such a simple one.

“It’s a no-brainer,” says Scherer. “Canned air is wasteful, it’s effective use time is short. It also contains dangerous chemicals which not only harm our climate, but are also highly explosive. Plus, used canned air is hazardous waste so there’s the additional cost of the safe disposal of the cans to consider.”

A Department of Energy Report states: “Using canned air for purposes such as keyboard cleanings is problematic. The EPA classifies canned air as a cryogen and an explosive. As a result, containers must be disposed as a hazardous waste under Resource Recovery and Conservation Act (RCRA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements. Federal, State and local laws mandate proper disposal.”

How We’re Different.

What sets the Canless Air System apart from traditional canned air dusters, is that it simply uses the air we breathe. It draws air from the room and then blasts it out anywhere between 220 and 260 MPH, depending on the model. This makes it powerful enough to clean computers, electronics, servers, and anywhere dust gathers.

Another advantage Scherer points out is the money it saves you. “Our units are rechargeable, just like your cell phone, and one unit is equal 1000 cans of canned air. Not only are you cleaning green, you’re saving green at the same time.”

It’s For Everyone.

What do you use your canless air for?

Canless Air has not only caught on with Corporate America, it’s also popular with small businesses. In addition, people use it in their homes for cleaning. We currently sell it in over 20 countries.

“Our sales have been terrific,” says Scherer. “Customer reaction has been very positive and people are finding uses for the Hurricane that we never would have thought of. For example, one use is cleaning smoke detectors. It’s become so popular in that market that a fire alarm testing company private labels our product.”

Check It Out!

We make our product in America.

The Canless Air System Hurricane is proving itself to be a wonderful alternative to canned air dusters that companies can no longer ignore. We make them in the USA at the company’s plant in Tucson, Arizona. Learn all about the Canless Air System Hurricane, and how you can purchase it at


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