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CC Educates Us on the Dangers of Vaping

Flat Earthers can make a conspiracy out of anything. With an ongoing public health concern over a mysterious illness or illnesses that may be linked to vaping and that has lead to some deaths, C C thinks he’s solved what’s causing it, because “he made some phone calls.”

Maybe you should pass that number to the Dept. of Health as well, Chris.

“Institutionalized on our Flat-earth”
+C C

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“Mysterious vaping illnesses are causing life-threatening lung injuries and death. Here’s what we know about the people who have been affected so far,” by Julia Naftulin, The Insider, Sep 19, 2019, 5:48 PM, accessed 9th October, 2019.

Assorted headlines from Google Search, “What is causing vaping deaths?”


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