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Canless Computer Duster versus Canned Air

There are two types of computer air duster products available to clean your PC. One is canned air and the other is the Canless O2 Hurricane compressed air system. Many folks use canned air, but are it really the best way to clean your computer?  The reality is canned air is a flawed product and once you see the difference between canned air and the new revolutionary Canless Hurricane system you will never go back to using canned air.

First, canned air releases greenhouse gasses. This means canned air harms the environment. The reality is canned air is not really air at all. It is a mixture of dangerous chemicals. To purchase canned air you must provide proof you are eighteen years of age older. This is because children and teenagers are inhaling canned air to gain a quick high Abusing canned air in this manner can cause severe illnesses, and even death.


The Canless O2 Hurricane computer duster on the other hand, does not pollute. The only thing component that the Hurricane emits is good old fashion air. Abuse of the Hurricane is not an issue, and you do not need to prove your age to buy it. Another important advantage of Canless Air is you purchase it once, and you have it forever. When canned air runs out you are forced to buy it over and over again. Click and find digital marketing company las vegas.


The chemicals in canned air are flammable and can cause flash fires, and can result in the user suffering severe burns. The Canless compressed air duster as stated only emits air. There is no danger of fire or becoming burned when you use the Hurricane. In addition, the chemicals in canned air leave a residue on electronics components that can cause performance issues, and render a device inoperable.  Since the Canless Hurricane does not use chemicals it is completely safe to use on all electronics and computers.


computer dusterAnother major downfall of canned air is that you must hold the can upright and only use the product in short spurts. If you fail to do so canned air can freeze up and then becomes inoperable. This problem also has the potential of causing frostbite, click here to find out more. The Canless O2 Hurricane duster can be turned upside down and used at any angle that is needed to clean those hard to reach areas.


Not only is the Canless O2 Hurricane compressed air duster safer than canned air, it is much more powerful as well. While you must only use short bursts with canned air, Hurricane users enjoy the extra boost of sustained power air. The Hurricane is less expensive in the long run, and a more powerful duster than canned air.


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