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Confusion sorted out for alcohol vaping device

ST. PAUL, Minn.- Another way to consume alcohol was introduced, but it is not a particular brand of alcohol or a or concoction to mix into a drink. Instead, a machine inflates a balloon that produces shots comprised of liquid drops of alcohol. The Alcohol MIST systems have been experimented on by bar owners in various locations, but mixed reviews have surfaced. Some feel the unconventional way to consume alcohol does not provide that much more of a buzz if any.

Most locations that have tried the new device were quickly reminded it is illegal in most states anyway. Minnesota and South Dakota are a few of those locations. Just this week the Minnesota Department of Public Safety issued a public reminder that these machines are illegal in their state. Not everyone was truly aware of this particular device and the laws surrounding it.

“There was a good likelihood that there were citizens and bar owners across the state that also didn’t realize this was illegal. Not to mention unsafe,” said Terry Kelley with the Department of Public Safety.

Health professionals say it is tough to determine a scale for consuming this and are also concerned about how alcoholic vapors would affect the brain.

“We have no data to inform the use of this type of product or inhaling alcohol,” said Doctor Ann Arens who is a medical toxicologist.

South Dakota law also prohibits the sale, purchase, possession, or use of alcohol without a liquid device. In this case, an apparatus that is used to vaporize alcoholic beverages.

A Sioux Falls bar formerly had one of these devices. The bar owners said the device was not as ideal as they had hoped as it would either leak, produce weak shots, or provide the risk of unwarranted danger.

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