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Devon Phoenix HIV Hoax

AZT is a toxic chain terminator of DNA developed 30 years ago as cancer chemotherapy drug. Duesberg’s research indicates that the long-term consumption of recreational drugs such as cocaine, heroin, nitrite inhalants, and amphetamines and prescriptions of DNA chain-terminating and other anti-HIV drugs, cause all AIDS diseases in America and Europe that exceed their long-established, national backgrounds, i.e. lt95%.

Chemically distinct drugs cause distinct AIDS-defining diseases for example, nitrite inhalants cause Kaposi’s sarcoma, cocaine causes weight loss, and AZT causes immunodeficiency, lymphoma, muscle atrophy, and dementia. The anti-HIV drug cocktails are failing in the US. A front page article of the New York Times, showing dying AIDS patients, issued a first warning in August 1997 Despite powerful new AIDS drugs many are still losing battle NYT, August 22, 1997 By September 1997 the American press already reported that AIDS drug cocktails fail 53% San Francisco Examiner, September 29, 1997

In regard to whether condoms protect against AIDS Dr. Duesberg says, “The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta were the first to publish in 1989 in the New England Journal of Medicine that it takes about 1,000 unprotected sexual contacts with an HIV-positive person to become positive. The CDC’s numbers are based on thousands of “discordant” hemophilia couples, in which the husband was positive from a transfusion and some of their wives became positive over time. Recent studies on homosexual couples, other heterosexual couples and singles have confirmed the CDC’s original number.

With regard to the question about the usefulness of condoms in preventing AIDS my answer is twofold: (1) Since AIDS is caused by drugs, not by HIV, condoms do not prevent AIDS. (2) However, since many doctors prescribe DNA chain terminators such as AZT as anti-HIV drugs to healthy HIV-positives, and since DNA chain terminators cause AIDS – condoms are useful after all. They protect people who have an average of 1,000 sexual contacts with HIV-positives from infection, and thus from AIDS caused by anti-HIV medication.

As for the difference between African AIDS and AmericanEuropean AIDS Duesberg says, “The African AIDS epidemic has only one thing in common with the AmericanEuropean AIDS epidemic – the name. African AIDS is caused by malnutrition, parasitic infection and poor sanitation. There are no risk groups in Africa, like drug addicts and homosexuals. It is for this reason that African AIDS is equally distributed between the sexes. Moreover, practically no African AIDS patients have pneumocystis pneumonia, dementia or Kaposi’s sarcoma – the signal diseases of AIDS in the US and Europe. Above all, African AIDS is diagnosed without even attempting an HIV test, which is too expensive for Africa. Thus there is no scientific evidence for the correlation between HIV and African AIDS, only guesses


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