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Canless Air Computer Duster Advantages

When it comes to buying an electric duster to replace computer duster there are two ways you can precede; the standard canned air product or the innovative Canless O2 Hurricane Compress air system. Once you know the facts you will never use canned air ever again. First, canned air is filled with chemicals, like difluoroethane, trifluoroethane & tetrafluoroethane, and canned air emits greenhouse gases. The Hurricane Canless system does not contain chemicals, and it is environmentally friendly. The Hurricane shoots air, pure and simple.

A new fad among children and teenagers is to inhale canned air for a quick high. When canned air is abused in this manner the person ingesting it is inhaling dangerous chemicals that can cause severe illness and even death. For this very reason you must be over eighteen years of age to purchase canned air. On the other hand, the Canless O2 Hurricane compressed air duster is not dangerous since only the air we breathe is emitted from the unit. In addition, no proof of age is required to purchase the Hurricane.

Canned air products can only shoot short bursts of air. Canned air tends to freeze up and become inoperable if short bursts of air are not used, and canned air can even cause frostbite. A major disadvantage of canned air is the can must only be used in the upright position. This makes it very difficult, if not impossible to clean hard to reach areas. You can replace your current computer duster and buy Canless Air System products HERE

The Canless O2 Hurricane power duster can shoot a continuous stream of air as needed. Plus, you can turn the Hurricane sideways, upside down or right side up to get to the area you need to reach clean. As mentioned, canned air can freeze and can cause frostbite. This is a non-issue when you use the O2 Hurricane.

Canned air can explode if the can reaches 120 degrees, and the chemicals emitted are flammable. In terms of the environment one can of canned air is the equivalent of burning 100 gallons of gasoline. In other words, canned air is a very dangerous product. Check out settlements annuities. The Hurricane system emits no chemicals, just air. To put it differently, the Hurricane power air duster does not pollute, period. Moreover, when canned air is empty it must be replaced. The Canless Hurricane is a permanent cleaning solution. You buy it once and that’s it, and the Hurricane is much more powerful than canned air.

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