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Why You Need the Canless Electronic Duster

The old way to keep all of your electronic gadgets clean was to continually buy canned air. Since canned air runs out fast this becomes quite expensive. However, there is a perpetual and revolutionary way to clean your electronic devices. The Canless O2 Hurricane electronic duster is the long term solution.

There are many reasons to switch to the new Canless electronic air cleaner. First, canned air is not actually air at all. It is filled with dangerous chemicals that release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Indeed, canned air is so dangerous you must prove you are at least 18 years old to purchase it. This is because some teenagers and even children misuse the product by inhaling it for a high. The end result is serious illness and can lead to death.

The Canless Air electronic air cleaner on the other hand contains no chemicals. The Canless system only emits air. This means Canless Air is safe for everyone, and does not harm the environment. Plus, you do not need to prove you are 18 to buy Canless Air. The reality is Canless Air is superior to standard canned air in every way. The chemicals in canned air are extremely flammable and can cause flash fires and burns. Since the Canless Air system only releases air this is a non-issue when you use the O2 Hurricane.

You are forced to hold canned air upright for the product to function. If you tilt the can or turn it upside down canned air freezes and becomes inoperable. Canned air has even been known to cause frostbite. On the other hand, the Canless Hurricane electronic air cleaner can be turned at any angle you need to power clean hard to reach areas.

The reality is the Canless Air electronic air duster is much more powerful than canned air. Furthermore, canned air leaves a residue on everything it attempts to clean which can corrode electronic components. Canless Air just power cleans, pure and simple. Canned air confines your cleaning to short bursts. Try a sustained power burst with canned air and the product freezes and no longer works. Canless air can stream sustained air for heavy power cleaning needs.

In closing, canned air is the old way to clean electronic devices and computers, and uses dangerous chemicals that can cause frostbite. If the product is inhaled it can cause serious illnesses and even death. In addition, canned air is hazardous to the environment.  Canless Air is more cost effective in the long run, permanent, environmentally friendly, and more powerful than canned air. Canless air blows air not chemicals which means it is safe for everyone to use.

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