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Great news for vaping – FDA makes a huge announcement!

No timestamps today… just me yapping about good news!

Hey, folks. As you’ve likely already heard, the FDA pushed back the compliancy date with their deeming regulation for vaping and all other ENDS products to August 8, 2022… GREAT news for vaping and a HUGE step in the right direction. Just some of my thoughts on it!

Here’s the FDA’s own press release on it:

Here’s the official US Congress link to H.R. 1136:

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Here’s the link to Audacity. I used this open source software to clean up the audio that I extracted from my recordings in order to eliminate almost all of the background hiss and white noise. I’m still going to upgrade my webcam at some point, but this awesome product saves me from having to buy a studio mic!


And a link to MS Windows Movie Maker (part of the Windows Essentials 2012 package), a totally FREE and fairly powerful video editor:

We’ve made some forward momentum in the fight to vape… the compliancy date is pushed back to 8/8/2022, but this date will approach rapidly if we don’t continue to fight the good fight.

Please remember to support advocacy. Contact your representatives, tell them to support all pro vaping bills, particularly H.R. 1136, relaxing the FDA deeming regulations, and resetting the predicate date.
Don’t know who your representatives are? Look here:

Visit and make a donation to AEMSA:

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Visit and donate to The Right to Be Smoke Free Coalition:



Check out my video about us saving vaping and putting petty crap to the side:

Check out Rip Tripper’s video about saving vaping as ONE, unified vaping community:

Donate to Rip’s Generosity fundraiser and support Greg Connely in his ongoing lobbying efforts to travel across the country and educate ALL of our representatives and overturn the FDA deeming regulations. Rip doesn’t see a single penny of this money: it ALL goes to the American Vaping Association… all of it. Forego ONE single bottle of e liquid this month and split that amount of money and donate to all three funds… that’s all it takes. Give a little or give a lot… just give:

We have to fight for our own rights to vape, folks… nobody else is doing it for us. And money is the key to this fight.

Put your money where your mouth is… I certainly did.


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