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Guess That E Liquid – Blind Vape Juice Testing

Vaping is easy, most of the time. Here at Zamplebox, maybe even a little too easy. That’s why we decided to make vaping a little more difficult for ourselves. It’s time for GUESS THAT E-LIQUID. Sure, Ian and Chris consider themselves vaping gurus with near god-like knowledge of vaping flavors, but how do their tastebuds fare when they’re BLINDFOLDED? Watch to find out who is the true flavor master.

Vape juices we try in this video:

Strapple Ice by the Big 100:
Creme de la Creme by Phillip Rocke:
The Voyage by Coastal Clouds:
Court Jester by Chalice:

Green Jacket by Vape Craft Inc.
Mango Lassi buy E-Liquid:
Stawnana by Chubby Baker:
Tapioca Trickle by Bubble Tea Brewing Co:

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