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Take Home Dusting To a New Level with Canless Air

When it comes to home dusting there are many products available. However, there is no product more versatile and powerful than the Canless Air O2 Hurricane home duster. This revolutionary product is perfect for cleaning computers, electronic gadgets, cameras, blinds, lamp shades, shelves, and even your car. The Hurricane is easy to use, safe, environmentally friendly, and a permanent home dusting solution.

Those who have attempted to use canned air to clean blinds, lampshades, or shelving know how futile it is. Shelving is full of tight nooks and crannies that you would think would be easy to blow clean with canned air. The problem is every time you try to change the angle of the product the chemicals in the can freeze up. Canned air is not really air at all, but is a mixture of highly toxic chemicals.

Dusting the same shelving with the new Canless Air home duster turns the same project into cleaning pleasure. First, you plug the Canless Air system into a wall outlet to charge the system up. Then you simply aim and blow the dust out of your shelf, and unlike canned air you can change cleaning angles to reach those hard to hit places. Your shelf has never been this clean. Moreover, Canless Air contains no chemicals at all. The only component released by the Hurricane is natural air, find the best it support companies in san diego ca.

Canned air is dangerous and an ineffective cleaner that must be continually replaced. Cleaning cloths only push dust around, and you must keep buying replacement cloths. Buy the Canless Air home dusting system once and you will have it for life. You can power blast the dust off drapes, and hard to clean blinds. Indeed, your house will never be cleaner. In addition, the Hurricane is the ideal way to keep your computer and electronic devices free of dust too.

Canned air blasts toxic greenhouses into the environment, and can cause death if inhaled. Canned air is so dangerous you must prove you are eighteen to purchase the product. The Canless Hurricane system as mentioned is environmentally friendly because the system only releases natural air. Furthermore, you do not need to be eighteen to buy Canless Air.

Finally, you can take your home dusting to a whole new level with the Canless Air O2 Hurricane home dusting system. The Hurricane is cost effective because you only buy the product once, and it is environmentally friendly. You now have the ability to power clean those hard to reach areas in your home. Indeed, your drapes and blinds have never been cleaner.

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