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Homeless Man Inhaling Aerosol at the S.F. Ferry Building (4K UHD)

I was walking down the Embarcadero, by the Ferry Building, when I saw a homeless man putting an aerosol can in his mouth and spray directly in his mouth and inhale it, while pushing a shopping cart across a crosswalk. He stopped at the curb and focused on inhaling. You can see that he recently has had some spray paint as well, because the front of his grocery cart and white bag have been sprayed with black spray paint, and they still line up perfectly.
Usually when someone gets high an aerosol they will at least try to filter out the spray using a cloth, or spray into a bag and huff from the bag. The video is longer, but I trimmed it to keep it interesting.
Inhaling propellants, solvents/paint thinners, glues, paints, permanent markers, nail polish, gasoline/petrol, propane, kerosene, butane, nitrous oxide, poppers, ether or other drugs is incredibly dangerous, and may kill you immediately the first time you try it. Your heart my stop due to “Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome,” you may get a heart attack due to a the sudden adrenaline surge, you may die of hypoxia from passing out with heavier than air gases in your lungs, die from breathing in your own vomit, die from passing out with a bag around your face, die from pneumonia, die from bronchospasm, die from internal frostbite, die from various forms of poisoning, die from respiratory depression, or die from sundry other methods.
Inhalants cause immediate, accumulative, and irreversible damage to the brain and nervous system, and will lead to mental retardation and neurological disorders if it is done repeatedly. It is also toxic to the liver and kidneys. Do not do it, and do not allow your friends or family to do it.
Intoxicative inhalation is also known as huffing, sniffing (or glue sniffing), dusting, or chroming.
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