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Hundreds of Kansas students learn ways to prevent drug use

WICHITA, Kan. Vidoes like the Juul challgenge is what teens are exposed to, pushing them to use vaping products.

Jordan Roberts is the Youth Prevention Program Manager for the Kansas Department of Heath and Environment, she says these videos, myths and false information about vaping and e-cigarettes is why she’s speaking at this teen drug summit.

“The ways that they’ve attracted people are with these sleek devices that can be easily hidden and these thousands of different flavors of products,” said Roberts.

As of this month in Kansas, there are 18 cases including two deaths related to lung illnesses from vaping and nation-wide there are more than 1,800 cases and 37 deaths.

“We weren’t expecting this but it made our jobs even harder because people are like really wanting answers and we don’t have those yet,” Robert says.

More than 300 kids were in attendance for the Teen Drug Summit, one high school student says vaping is only going to get worse if teens aren’t exposed to prevention.

Alyssa Miller is a senior at Maize High School, she says she never knew there were so many risks with vaping. it’s a problem she hopes some can find the help they need.

“It’s only going to get worse with the new products that are coming out, as you can see you on the news a lot you know so many people are dropping dead,” said Miller.

Roberts says one way parents can prevent vaping is by talking to their children before they get exposed or start using these products.

There’s a Resist Youth Advocacy Conference in November, to continue educating parents and kids about the dangers of vaping. Here’s a link on how you can register for the event.

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