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Power Clean your keyboard With the Hurricane O2

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a powerful keyboard air blower that actually worked? We are all familiar with canned air. Yet, this product has many limitations, and is quite hazardous to use. How many times do you grab your canned air only to find it empty? There is a safe, powerful, and permanent solution…introducing the Canless Air O2 Hurricane.

The Hurricane is easy to use. You just plug it into a wall outlet, let it charge for a few minutes and start power cleaning your computer’s keyboard, and it never runs out of air. Canned air must be used in an upright manner otherwise the gasses contained in the product freeze. This can cause frostbite to the user, and certainly limits the product’s ability to actually clean. Once the Hurricane is charged feel free to turn the unit at any angle you need to. You’ll be astonished at the tight corners you can now power clean.

Computer keyboards are notoriously filled with dust, food crumbs, and tons of other debris. Shoot a blast of canned air at your keyboard and you will notice an unpleasant residue on the keys. This residue can cause electronic components to disintegrate. This is because canned air is not really air at all; it is a mixture of flammable and dangerous chemicals. The chemicals in canned air can cause flash fire that could result in the user becoming burned, and the chemicals are harmful to the environment.

In fact canned air is so dangerous you must be at least eighteen years old to buy it. This is because children as young as eight years old and teenagers are known to inhale the toxic gases contained in canned air to get high. This can result is severe health issues and even death. The Canless computer air blower does not contain any chemicals, just good old fashion air. Canless Air is so safe all members of your family can use it to clean their clean their computers, and there is no need to worry about residue corroding the components.

Cleaning your keyboard is simple with the Hurricane air blower. Unplug the keyboard from the PC and stand it up on one end. Then you power shoot the Hurricane’s compressed air across the keyboard. You will be amazed at the amount of debris that is power forced out of your keyboard. The Canless Air O2 Hurricane system is absolutely better, safer, and more powerful than canned air.

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