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is it safe?

Uses Only The Air You BreatheCanless Air Contains No Difluoroethane, No Hydroflurocarbons

Standard canned air poses many dangers, not the least of which is to children. Most people are surprised to learn that children as young as 8 have used canned air to give them a quick, and often deadly, high. The Hydroflurocarbons and Difluoroethane in them can be deadly. The inhalation of canned air can cause many negative health effects such as brain damage, seizures, permanent impairment of vital organs, anxiety as well as , hearing loss and even death. Why keep such a dangerous product in the home as a temptation to curious children and teenagers when there is a more effective solution? The answer is you should not as traditional canned air and computer duster is one of the most dangerous items you can have in your home. Instead you should use Canless Air System products which you can purchase on our site by visiting this link Canless Air System Products.

Also, schools are another place where children have access to the traditional canned air dusters. Those dusters can be addictive and can even be deadly. Please contact your children’s schools and make sure that they are not using any traditional canned air or computer dusters, if they are please make sure they are aware of the dangers and let them know more about Canless Air System.