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Jay Inslee Signs Executive Order making Vape Flavors Illegal in Washington State

Your vaping family at Zamplebox went to a press conference to cover Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signing an executive order banning all flavored vaping products in Washington State. We interviewed local vape store owner, Shaun D’Sylva, about his thoughts on the ban as well.

There were a lot of people passionate people here, talking about all of the ways that vaping has helped them. There was a lot of good discussion about how making vape flavors would lead to a lot of additional harm in the long run, as well as loss of jobs.

Even though things are looking dire for vaping, we’re going to continue to sell flavored vaping products online for as long as we can and hopefully, there will be ways to work around this new legislation that will still allow us to send you all of the vaping products you need. We’re not going anywhere with out a fight. To support vaping, be sure to go to and find out who you should contact in your area. And go here to learn more about the original vaping family:

Source for the FDA’s regulations on vaping:


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