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Power Clean Your Laptop with Canless Air

When we think of a laptop cleaner canned air comes to the mind of most people. However, once you realize how ineffective canned air is as a laptop cleaner and how hazardous the product really is you will wonder why you ever used the product. There is a safe and permanent solution that has changed the way average folks clean their laptops and desktop computers. The Canless Air Hurricane O2 cleaner will have your electronic devices performing at a whole new level.

Canned air is not really air at all. It is a mixture of dangerous chemicals that harm the environment, causes frostbite, and if inhaled can cause death. Plus, these dangerous chemicals are extremely flammable, which increases the potential of the user sustaining serious burns. As mentioned, canned air is really an ineffective cleaner. How so? You must hold the can upright at all times for the product to function. If you try and turn the can the chemicals turn to ice and the product stops functioning. This indeed makes it difficult to clean hard to reach areas.

Yet, the Canless Air laptop duster does contain any chemicals. It simply blows out powerful and sustained streams of power compressed air. If you need to turn the unit sideways or even upside down to reach a hard to reach nook or cranny, the Hurricane obliges you and keeps on working. Canned air cannot even come close to matching the power of Canless Air.

Unfortunately you must be at least eighteen years old to buy canned air. This is because teens have been known to inhale the chemicals canned air releases for a high. This can result in serious health issues and possibly death. On the other hand, Canless Air is safe for the environment and all users, because the Hurricane does not emit dangerous chemicals, just natural air. Plus, when canned air runs out it must be replaced which is an expensive way to go. The Hurricane can be used over and over.

In closing, once you have all the facts you realize canned air is more trouble than it is worth. It is ineffective in laptop cleaning, can cause frostbite and if inhaled can lead to death. The chemicals in canned air are very flammable and can cause flash fires and serious burns to the user. On the other hand, the Canless Air Hurricane compressed air system uses no chemicals, is a very effective laptop cleaner, is environmentally friendly, and is safe to all who use it.

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