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Learn Top 10 Benefits of Manuka Honey | 10 Uses of Honey

Learn Top 10 Benefits of Manuka Honey | 10 Uses of Honey

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Unlock the secrets of Manuka Honey.

Learn from 1000’s of hours of diligent research and clinical trials. I’ve done all of the research for you and laid it out in this easy and enjoyable to read guide.

Naturally increase your metabolism and immune system,
Learn all the health benefits of Manuka Honey,
Discover ALL of the uses for Manuka Honey,
Get hundreds of healthy Manuka Honey recipes,
1,000’s of hours of research and clinical trials,

Secrets of Manuka Honey (Table of Contents)
Chapter 1
Introduction to Manuka Honey
History of Honey as a Natural Healer
What is Manuka Honey?
Where does Manuka Honey come from?
Overview of Manuka Honey’s Wonderful Health Benefits
Raw Honey Versus Manuka Honey
How does one Eat Manuka Honey?

Chapter 2
Manuka Honey for Colds, Coughs, Sore Throats, Sinus Infections, and General Immune Function
Manuka for a Sore Throat
Manuka Honey Lemon Cough Syrup
Simple Manuka Sore Throat Remedy
Manuka Honey & Turmeric Cough Syrup/Sore Throat Remedy
Manuka Honey & Ginger Cough Syrup/Sore Throat Remedy
Honey-Lemon-Ginger Elixir
Manuka Honey-Garlic Tea
Manuka Coconut Milk Bedtime Soother
Manuka Apple Cider Vinegar Tea
Manuka-Vinegar-Salt Gargle
The Manuka Hot Toddy
Manuka & Sinusitis
Manuka Nose Drops for a Sinus Infection
Manuka for Allergies & Asthma
The Simplest Manuka-Cinnamon Tea for Allergies
Children’s Asthma

Chapter 3
Manuka for Natural Beauty
Manuka Soap
DIY Manuka Honey Face Wash with Probiotics
Manuka Honey for Acne
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Toner
Simple Manuka Face Wash for Acne-Prone Skin
Manuka Honey for Eczema
Manuka Topical Skin Cream for Eczema
Manuka Honey for Psoriasis
Manuka for Gorgeous Hair
Deep Conditioning Manuka Honey Hair Mask
DIY Manuka Shampoo
DIY Manuka-Jojoba Conditioner
Simplest Manuka-Olive Oil Hair Treatment Ever
Manuka for Hair Loss
The Manuka Honey-Onion Cure
Manuka-Hibiscus Hair Loss Treatment
Manuka-Fenugreek Seed Paste for Hair Loss
Manuka Honey for Radiant Skin
The “oh so simple” Manuka Honey Face Mask
Manuka for Wrinkles
Anti-Aging Manuka Facial Mask
Integrating Manuka Essential Oil into Your Natural Beauty Regimen
Immune-Boosting Manuka Bath Blend
Calming Manuka Inhalant
Manuka Essential Oil Facial Steam
Manuka Antiseptic/Antibacterial Room Spray
Relaxing Manuka Bedtime Massage Oil
Manuka Blend for Healing of the Skin
General Guidelines for Using Essential Oils

Chapter 4
Manuka’s Many Healing Properties for a World of Health Issues
Manuka Oil for MRSA
Manuka Honey for Survival Kit
Manuka Honey Weight-Loss Drink
Spicy Manuka Tea
Manuka Salad Dressing For Weight Loss
Manuka Honey for Burns and Wounds
Manuka Honey for Acid Reflux
Manuka for Gastritis
Manuka for IBS and IBD
Honey for Diabetes & Manuka as Contraindication
Is Manuka Honey Safe for Diabetics?
Manuka Honey for Eye Infections
Manuka Honey Eye Drops
Manuka for Gingivitis and Toothache
Manuka for a Restful Night’s Sleep
The Sleep Peaceful Manuka Milk
The Sleep Peaceful Manuka Tea
Manuka for Sustained Energy
Simple Manuka Energy Snack
Manuka Honey for Dogs

Chapter 5
Manuka’s Best Brands, Contraindications and Conclusion
How to know what Manuka Honey to Purchase for UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) Value
Best Brands of Manuka Honey on the Market
Manuka Honey’s Side Effects
Manuka Honey Contraindications


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