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Nasal Filters for 'Inhalant Allergies' to Chemical Irritants

UPDATE: I have now changed to this brand, WoodyKnows GP Nasal Mask, as I find they last longer and can be reused more often, cutting down on waste:

Hi, I’m Michellina van Loder from the Blog, the Labyrinth and Finding my way out. This is a review of Breathe Easy Nasal Filters. One of the assistive devices I use, helping me to navigate my way through the vast tunnels and deep chasms of living life while being physically effected by chemical irritants, which cause symptoms that impact on my daily life and wellbeing.

Doctors called it ‘Inhalant Allergies’; some people call it ‘MCS’. I’ve since found out–after 18 years of being chemically sensitive–that I have ‘CIRS’ (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome), caused from mould exposure from living in a water damaged building (WDB) as well as allergies to mould (I have the HLA genes that make my body ‘Multi-susceptible’ to illness caused by mould.

Generally they are used outdoors, for me. For example talking to a nieghbour who is wearing spray deodorant or fragrance (I’d use a mask if I HAD to be indoors with them.

Some people use them working as morticians or for cleaning bad smells.

However, my friends and I, use them a little bit differently than that. The first thing you need to know is this:
if you are sensitive to chemicals then these will not protect you from chemical exposures. They may or may not lessen the smell of whatever it is you are breathing while you are having an exposure, but the chemical or allergen is still entering through your mouth, so they don’t work in that way.
The best use for me is for when I go to the dentist. My dentist takes great care to make sure that I’m in a fragrance free environment; even if that means working without a nurse on that day, but most times he makes sure his nurse is fragrance free on that day. He runs his air-conditioner on high; this keeps any VOCs in the air low, and helps minimise the exposure from inhalants or fumes from dental materials. Now, when he’s working on my teeth, I wear them so that I can protect my eyes and sinuses. They really do help. (Access to Goods and Services states that Service Providers must make reasonable adjustments so a person disabled can have easy access to goods and services.)

For people who are sensitive to plastics, or find the carbon too strong (I mean, lets face it, people with MCS or Environmental Sensitivities, can have a heightened sense of smell, and these do smell when they are new–I wash them and place them in the sun to outgass.
If you want proper, full protection from inhaling fragrances and the like, then check out my other videos on the different types of masks I use so that I can go out in public (and be protected from breathing in fragrance). These days I use oxygen so I’ll try and make a video on that too, soon.

This video is about using Nasal Filters for Allergies and as a buffer for chemical-irritants so as to protect your Blood Brain Barrier and the absorption of chemical-irritants or allergens that you are sensitive to.

Note: these don’t take the place of wearing a mask or avoiding chemicals. If your sensitivity is caused from mould illness aka CIRS, then will want to sort that out with a doctor. Info on CIRS and doctors who diagnose and treat it can be found here:

I like this brand because they don’t arrive having been handled by fragrance wearers, which would make them unable to be used, such are my ‘allergies’ to fragrance, mould, woodsmoke, petrochemicals, solvents and cedar.

Links to research on dry eyes and chemical-irritants:
1); Informative Post with doctors’ letters and testing to back up my ‘claims’ that fragrances sting my eyes, beyond other symptoms:
2); Wingeful yet informative blog post:
3); Here is where I wear them to an AVADA salon:
And blog posts on why i need to protect my eyes via my nostrils from solvents, petrochemicals and fragrances–many of which products HAVE BEEN TESTED ON ANIMALS, So how does that make them safe for us humans if humans are still getting sick? But the POOR ANIMALS passed the Channel, Du Pont and Unilever funded testing didn’t they. Hope these animal researchers used the 3 R’s, Replacement, Reduction and Refinement!

Always look for the small rabbit on all products to make sure they’re not tested on animals.

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