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The X3 Hurricane Canless Air System Is Better Than Wasting Compressed Air Cans

There’s no better way to rid your keyboard of the disgusting horrors lurking between every key than with a blast of clean air.

It’s like a Category 5 Hurricane In Your Hand.

5 Tools to Go Beyond a Basic Car Wash

This model can replace canned air in close to 100% of situations.

Scientific American’s 2013 Gadget Guide: 10 Technologies You Need to See.

I recommended it to all of my IT colleagues out there that often need to get components clean before working on them

I would recommend the Hurricane O2 Canless Air System to anyone needing to keep their electronics clean.

Now, I would love to say exactly how well the Industrial Canless Air System O2 Hurricane works, but unfortunately within a matter of minutes of me opening the package my husband stole the system from me! I was barely even able to take pictures of it!

Rechargeable Canless Air System® Replaces Toxic Dust Remover