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There’s no better way to rid your keyboard of the disgusting horrors lurking between every key than with a blast of clean air.

It’s like a Category 5 Hurricane In Your Hand.

5 Tools to Go Beyond a Basic Car Wash

This model can replace canned air in close to 100% of situations.

Scientific American’s 2013 Gadget Guide: 10 Technologies You Need to See.

I recommended it to all of my IT colleagues out there that often need to get components clean before working on them

I would recommend the Hurricane O2 Canless Air System to anyone needing to keep their electronics clean.

Now, I would love to say exactly how well the Industrial Canless Air System O2 Hurricane works, but unfortunately within a matter of minutes of me opening the package my husband stole the system from me! I was barely even able to take pictures of it!

Rechargeable Canless Air System® Replaces Toxic Dust Remover

A Breath of Fresh Canned Air