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Canless Air Is the Ultimate Office Duster

The new Canless Air O2 Hurricane is the best office compressed air cleaning device you can invest in. Naturally, all offices are on a budget. If you are still buying canned air to dust your cubicles, shelves, and electronic devices you are over spending and under cleaning. Canless air is the cost effective and long-term office duster. Canless Air is the ultimate and lasting office duster you have been looking for.


Canned air is plagued with problems. First, every time someone in your office uses canned air cleaning products they are polluting the work environment. The chemicals contained are so toxic you must prove you are at least eighteen years old to buy the product. Canned air releases greenhouses gasses and the chemicals in the product are extremely flammable. In addition, turn the can sideways and the gasses turn to ice, which can cause frostbite.


On the other hand, when your office uses the Canless Air office duster you are not polluting your office environment because Canless Air only releases natural air. The Canless Air O2 Hurricane contains no chemicals. Plus, your office will save money because Canless Air is a long-term solution. Canless air is perfect for cleaning fax machines, printers, shelving, computers, keyboards, and you can turn Canless Air at any angle you need to really power clean those hard to reach areas.


The Canless office duster is simple device to use. All you need to do is plug the compressor into a wall outlet to charge the unit. Then blast powerful natural air and clean. While canned air leaves an unpleasant residue on everything that is sprayed, Canless Air does not. The pacific dreamscapes residue can actually corrode electronic components. Once you know the facts you fast learn that Canless Air is better, safer, and more powerful than canned air. Canless Air just makes sense, and you will be doing your part to promote a clean work environment, check out his page.


To recap, if your office is still using old canned air to clean your office equipment, shelving, and cubicles you are over spending and polluting your work environment. Canned air does not blow out air; rather this product contains toxic chemicals that release greenhouse gasses. Moreover, you must continually replace canned air as it is used up. On the other hand, the Canless Air O2 Hurricane office duster is safer and more powerful than canned air. Furthermore, Canless Air only blasts pure natural air, and is a long-term solution.

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