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Why Canless Air Is Better Than Canned Air

When you need a mini air compressor to clean your car, electronic gadgets, computers, lamp shades, or bookshelves you might be inclined to run for the old standard can of canned air. However, you had better think hard about this decision, because canned air damages the environment, is an ineffective cleaner, and contains toxic gases, not air. Plus when the can runs out you are forced to buy another one. That gets expensive. Yet, Canless Air is a new ground-breaking, multi-use, safe way to replace hazardous canned air.


If you plan on using standard canned air to blow the dust off your living room book shelf, use canned air you are in trouble. First, you are forced to keep canned air in an upright position if you expect to shoot the gases out of the can. Second, you can only shoot short blasts with this product. Turn the can sideways, or try to sustain long cleaning blasts results in the gasses turning to ice, and there is a real danger of getting frostbite.


The Canless Air O2 Hurricane air compressor eliminates the above listed problems. Canless air only shoots powerful and sustained streams of air, not chemicals. We all know bookshelves are filled with tight corners that can be hard to clean. However, you can turn Canless Air in any direction and at any angle you need to get the job done. Now you can easily reach those tight corners on your bookcase fast and easily.


Try using canned air to clean your defroster or air-conditioning vents is an act in futility. You will end up with the gases turning to ice and will become frustrated. Plus, automobiles are enclosed areas which makes using canned air very dangerous. You must be at least eighteen years old to buy canned air because children and teens have been known to inhale the gasses to get high. The Canless small air compressor only blows out natural air, it contains no chemicals whatsoever. Your child can use the Hurricane and she will be safe.


Most of all you will be amazed at how easy it is to clean. Even the air-conditioning or the defroster vents in your car. In addition, the Hurricane will reach all those areas your car vac can’t or won’t. Just blast sustained air into the area, and you are done. The Hurricane is easy to use, just plug it in and charge the unit. In a few minutes you are ready to clean and never worry about running out of air. The Hurricane is your safe and long-term air compressor.

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