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Teens Who Vape with Ecigs Likely to Smoke Cigarettes

Teens who Vape with ecigs are more likely to begin to smoke cigarettes containing tobacco.

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Are you “Vaping” now?
Or have you ever “vaped”?
How ’bout your Kids – are they “vapers”?!
Many people using Electronic Cigarette Vaping Devices.
have developed Serious Health Issues.
including Stroke, Seizure, Convulsions, Lung Damage or Pulmonary Issues.
and Heart Attacks or Complications.
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if you, or a loved-one have used “Juul Electronic Cigarettes”.
or another e-cigarette brand (or brands).
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E-cigarettes have targeted two groups historically.
These are Teens or kids who do not smoke.
and Adults, theoretically as a technology to help “stop smoking”.
Have you, or your child been harmed by e-cigarettes?
You may qualify to receive substantial compensation.
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Marketing & Advertising for ecigs frequently fails.
to adequately warn the public about the dangers of “vaping”.
Ecigs are marketed as a safe alternative to conventional cigarettes.
and a safe way to stop smoking (by vaping).
Further, ecigs may include as much, or MORE NICOTINE as tobacco cigarettes.
Nicotine is highly addictive, with ecigs often creating an addiction.
for those who were not addicted before.
Talk to an experienced product-defect attorney about the an E-cigarette Lawsuit today.
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Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will speak with you to determine if you should join the E-cigarettes lawsuit.
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Our E-cigarette attorneys will never ask for any money upfront.
Remember, you only pay when you WIN!
If your lawsuit is not successful, you pay nothing.

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