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Tim A.

I purchased a Hurricane 2 last week for my work. I am a copier/printer/computer tech for Xerox. I have been using the Hurricane for everyday to clean toner and dust out of the copiers. (Some of them get pretty nasty.) Regular canned air tends to spit out the “Freeze Spray” which melts the toner and dust to the covers. But with the Hurricane that’s not a problem. I have had several of my customers ask me “what is that thing?”. I show them what it is and how it works, and they all start talking about how much money they’ll save and how well it works. I believe I’m your best sales person!

Ira H.

This bad boy has some power! I was concerned that a portable air compressor like this wouldn’t have the power I need to get deep inside my server racks. Well, the verdict is in and my Canless air not only has enough power to get way in there, but it also can be angled/rotated in any direction with no problems AND it runs for like 20 minutes! It paid for itself in 1 week, over the price of computer duster cans, is better for the environment and better for the job!

Brett G.

This is the coolest product with numerous uses. Besides the obvious electronics cleaning instead of wasting money on countless cans of store bought air you can use it for car detailing, blowing yourself off after mowing the lawn, sweeping/blowing out shop floors or blowing off porches and sidewalks. It last about quite a while, around 15 minutes, on a single charge and blows really hard. I highly recommend this and the uses for it just keep popping up. Great little device!!!

Steve L.

ZOMG! Used this in the overhead (by the ceiling where lights, cables and ducts usually are) of a US Navy Destroyer just prior to a zone inspection. It blew down a small trashbag full of dust we had never been able to get to before! To say this product blows would be like saying a hurricane dumps a bit of rain! One battery charge lasts me about 4 hours of near-continuous use!

Taylor D.

I ordered this because the house I live in gets dust all over the place and it drives me crazy. This makes it very easy to clear the dust away from the DVR, TV and DVD players. I no longer have to move a bunch of stuff to enable me to get rid of the dust in corners