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Clean Up Your Workbench with Canless Air

Perhaps you use your workshop to build furniture, or maybe you are a backyard mechanic. Others just like to fix up the house. Whatever your preference is you like to keep your work area organized and clean. Of course, you have a robust shop vac to help you accomplish this. However, the shop vac does not reach all those tight areas on your bench or shelves. You need to compliment the shop vac with an easy to use yet powerful workshop cleaner like the innovative Canless Air O2 Hurricane system.


If you’ve tried to blow out all the nooks and hidden areas of your work area with a standard canned air duster you have been disappointed. First, because you must hold the can upright for the product to work you never adequately clean hard to reach areas. Furthermore, you can only use short bursts when using canned air. Try a sustained burst and the gasses inside the can freeze.


Canned air isn’t even really air; it is a mixture of toxic gases. Inhale these chemicals and you can become very ill, or die. Since workbenches are typically in basements or garages they might not be well ventilated. Canned air is not an option in areas that are not well ventilated. However, Canless Air can be turned at any angle to blow sawdust or debris out of any hard to reach area. Since, the Canless Hurricane only blows natural air the product is environmentally friendly and safe to use, and this workshop duster is more much more powerful than canned air.


If you are using canned air in your workshop you are polluting your work area. Indeed, a depleted canned air product is equal to burning 100 gallons of gasoline. Plus, you must keep replacing the product once you have used it up. On the other hand Canless Air is a long-term solution. One unit can provide powerful blasts of air for years, and as mentioned Canless Air is completely safe because it only uses natural air, visit website. If you really want to keep your workbench clean you owe it to yourself to use the powerful Canless Air system. Your work area has never been this clean.


In closing, you enjoy using all of the tools on your workbench, and you keep it clean and organized. Naturally, you have a shop vac to help you keep the work area clean. However, the shop vac cannot reach all the hidden areas of your workbench read more here. This is why you need the safe, long-term, and powerful Canless Air O2 Hurricane.

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